Classic Series II CS 2300 Home Theater Speaker System

Classic Series II Home Theater System. CS 2300 II System, subwoofer shown sold separately.

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Delivering exceptional sound at an affordable price, the Boston Acoustics CS 2300 II Home Theater Speaker System brings cinema-quality audio to your living room. This five-channel system uses four bookshelf speakers and one two-way center channel speaker to create a dynamic, immersive soundstage. Each speaker has been engineered with high-grade components to ensure stunning audio reproduction across a wide range of frequencies.

Five Channels for Immersive Surround Sound
The CS 2300 II Home Theater Speaker System contains five total speakers: four 3-1/2-inch, two-way bookshelf speakers and one 3-1/2-inch, two-way center speaker. When paired with a surround-sound-enabled receiver, the speakers are capable of producing an expansive soundstage similar to what you would experience at a movie theater. Dialogue and sound effects are split up between the four bookshelf channels, producing the surround-sound effect. Meanwhile, the central channel handles dedicated dialogue tracks, adding further depth to the soundstage. The result is a dynamic, theatrical soundscape that truly immerses you in the movie.

Audio Technologies Deliver Stunning Performance
Each speaker in the CS 2300 II is outfitted with Boston Acoustics' best audio technologies. The system incorporates Boston's Deep Channel Design: the polymer woofers are injected with graphite, allowing them to produce a more resonant bass sound without bottoming out. The tweeters feature a soft-dome design and have been treated with a stiffening agent to eliminate the high-frequency feedback that usually accompanies metal tweeters.

Together, the tweeters and woofers are able to reproduce frequencies ranging from 80 Hz to 25 KHz, ensuring faithful playback of your movie's audio track. In addition, the dynamic range is flawlessly balanced so that the front, rear, and center channels blend seamlessly together.

Smart Design Enhances Audio Experience
The CS 2300 II also incorporates other smart audio-enhancing features. The speaker wires are equipped with five-way gold-plated binding posts, which ensure a secure and reliable wire connection. The gold plates also help preserve signal transfer, minimizing frequency losses and gaps. Additionally, the speakers feature MagnaGuard magnetic shielding, which helps prevent video interference when the speakers are placed close to your screen.

Easy, Flexible Installation Options
The CS 2300 II is designed for a quick and flexible installation. The speakers feature a tower design and can be mounted on a wall or simply placed on the floor. Keyhole wall brackets are built into the speakers to ease wall-mounting. The speaker wires are extra pliable, allowing you to place the speakers wherever you choose.

Stylish Wooden Finish
The CS 2300 II matches its exceptional audio quality with equally exceptional style. The speakers boast two finish options; each complements a variety of furniture styles. The speakers also feature a traditional box chassis, giving them a classic, balanced aesthetic.

The Goal of the Classic II Series
Boston's Classic II Series was designed to offer consumers an affordable, entry-level speaker solution without sacrificing sound quality. The series continues Boston's tradition of creating stylish, high-performance box speakers.

Boston Acoustics creates all of its speakers following the Play Smart approach to product design--sensible, useful, smart design features combined with contemporary styling. The Classic II series is no exception: each speaker in the series has been engineered using Boston's finest technologies to deliver outstanding performance.

The CS 2300 II Home Theater Speaker System is backed by a five-year manufacturer's warranty, subject to the full warranty terms and conditions.

What's in the Box
Four CS 23 II bookshelf speakers, one CS 223C II center speaker, power cords, and user's manual.


  • Five-channel speaker system delivers exceptional audio at an affordable price
  • Four bookshelf speakers and one center-channel speaker offer immersive surround sound
  • Superior technologies and high-end components for faithful audio reproduction
  • MagnaGuard shielding prevents video interference
  • Cabinet design lets you mount speakers on wall or place on surface
  • Five-year warranty