RS 223 LCR Loudspeaker

The RS 223 can be used vertically as a left/right channel speaker, or horizontally as a dedicated center channel speaker, and features dual 3 1/2-inch FCCM woofers and a 1-inch EWB tweeter.

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RS 223 LCR speaker delivers pure Hollywood excitement by way of Boston. The RS 223 can be used vertically as a left/right channel speaker, or horizontally as a dedicated center channel speaker in any home theater system! With their elegant scratch resistant black lacquer finish and rounded corners, the Boston RS 244 complements the décor of any room and offers no-compromise audio excellence. These LCR speakers are ideal for any home theater or surround sound system.

  • Dual 3 1/2-inch FCCM woofers
  • 1-inch EWB tweeter
  • Deep Channel® Design (DCD) for more bass from less amplifier power
  • MagnaGuard® video shielding
  • Elegant, scratch resistant high gloss black lacquer finish
  • magnetic grille minimizes acoustical interference for an improved soundstage
  • five-way gold plated binding posts
  • Includes keyholes for vertical or horizontal use
  • ¼-20 insert for articulating brackets (not supplied)
  • Includes a base for vertical use as an LCR

Smart tweeter technology
While looks do impress, one of Reflection Series’ unique features is actually “under the hood.” Our new EWB (Extended Wide Bandwidth) tweeter borrows the same performance attributes found in our flagship VS line—stabilized linear motion, lower distortion, improved dispersion, power handling, and clarity. This was accomplished by special central diaphragm termination (creating a dimple) and rear chamber venting.

Multi-composite woofer cones
All Reflection models incorporate our new Fiber Ceramic Copolymer Material (FCCM) Woofer cones made from a composite of fiber and ceramic materials impregnated in a proprietary copolymer. By combining these multi-composite cones with Boston’s Deep Channel® Design, these woofers produce a smooth response over the entire operating range. That means you get all the thunder of high-output bass and all the subtleties and detail of the midrange—with minimal distortion.

Advanced cabinet design and driver configuration
While each speaker baffle features a smooth surface and invisible hardware, the real secret behind Reflection’s Super Linear Plane (SLP) Baffles is their unique ability to nearly eliminate acoustic diffraction. Super-shallow grilles using an invisible magnetic attachment create an almost entirely seamless alignment with the baffle plane to significantly reduce sonic barriers. The resulting sound is equally pristine with the grilles on or off. Coupled with Reflection’s tightly spaced driver placement, each speaker delivers near-point-source sonic coherence, wide dispersion, and astonishing imaging.