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packing a serious punch and a slew of ways to fill your ears - The Insider. BIG-system sound brought down to size. Huge room-filling sound in a compact size for impressive sound anywhere from this stereo CD Radio. Slot-loading CD player. Precision AM/FM stereo tuner with RDDS text support. Dual high performance 3-1/2 inch full range speakers. BassTrac ® audio processing for clean bass at all listening levels


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Trio Slot-Loading CD Player With a slot-loading CD player, high performance AM/FM stereo tuner, auxiliary inputs for virtually any portable audio device and even an optional dock for your iPod®, Trio puts all your music options on the table — any table. Full-range speakers, dual independently-tuned acoustic chambers and BassTrac® circuitry deliver outstanding, room-filling sound, and a mini remote lets you control it all from the comfort of a favorite chair.

The distinctive shape of Trio is one key to its exceptional sound. Left and right full-range speakers are mounted in an acoustically-tuned chamber for rich, distinct stereo. Another key is proprietary BassTrac audio processing that delivers clean, realistic bass at any listening level. The two technologies work together to deliver stunningly lifelike reproduction of your favorite music—from virtually any source.
  • Slot-loading CD player
  • Precision AM/FM stereo tuner with RDDS text support
  • Dual high performance 3-1/2 inch full range speakers
  • BassTrac ® audio processing for clean bass at all listening levels
  • High contrast graphic LCD display automatically adjusts to ambient light
  • All-around snooze bar – the entire outside aluminum trim is a touch-sensitive snooze bar
  • Dual independent alarm clock with sleep timer* (sleep to one source, wake to another)
  • 2 Auxiliary inputs and line and stereo headphone outputs
  • 10FM and 5AM station presets

360-degree snooze bar 360° Snooze bar
Creature-friendly 360° "Sn-o-o-o-o-o-ze" Bar The Trio features Boston Acoustics' creature-friendly snooze bar. The entire front aluminum trim of the radio is a touch-sensitive snooze bar, which lets sleepy users activate the alarm clock snooze function by simply touching any part of the aluminum trim. With this snooze bar you never again have to worry about fumbling around in the dark to find the snooze button -- which means more sleep and less stress!

LCD screen adjusts to ambient light LCD screen adjusts to ambient lightHigh contrast LCD Screen
Screen automatically adjusts to ambient light. This keeps the display easy to read while dimming it enough so sleep is easy.

Trio Remote Control Compact Remote Control
The Trio's included compact remote control let's you control all your content from up to 20 feet away so you can relax enjoy the great sound of the Boston Trio. Additionally, the back of the remote is magnetic so you can keep it handy, like in your kitchen on your refridgerator.

Customer Reviews

Reviewer: David

After returning my radio that starts with a B and ends with e I bought the trio, the sound is great and it has buttons. The other radio that starts with a B is useless without a remote that looks like a credit card..lose that in the couch and your radio is useless! Buy this trio and you won't regret it. And as for the people who design radios keep buttons on them.......and the snooze band what a plus on this radio. Speaking of that...... on the B radio you need the remote to snooze i wonder if any of those people at the B company use their own radio.

Reviewer: Stemmelin

I love it, very good sound. The user interface is very easy...

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