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3-Way 8" In-Ceiling Speaker that features:. 1-inch Boston designed Kortec tweeter . 3-1/2-inch stamped steel copolymer mid range driver. 8-inch Boston Deep Channel® woofer. Easy-install features for existing walls or ceilings

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Boston Acoustics.

A high-value, high-performance 3-way in-ceiling speaker for installed music and Hidden Theater™ systems, the HSi 4830 is built around an 8-inch woofer for the authoritative bass response lacking many in-ceiling systems. Designed for stunning sound and ease of installation, HSi 4830 in-ceiling loudspeaker expands the realm of quality sound to create an audio system that pleases even the most critical ears.

  • 1-inch Boston designed Kortec tweeter
  • 3-1/2-inch stamped steel copolymer mid range driver
  • 8-inch Boston Deep Channel® woofer
  • Easy-install features for existing walls or ceilings
  • Paint-ready surface allows you to match your wall or ceiling finish
  • Reduced Bezel Design for seamless integration with the wall or ceiling
  • Magnetic grilles for easy installation
  • Optional new construction bracket NCBR8

Smart Features:

Slim Bezel Design
Boston's unique Slim Bezel Design provides interior designers and consumers the look that blends with a room's destinctive design. Slim Bezel Design also offers an installer-friendly wide mounting flange to cover any imperfections in the cutout hole and magnetic grilles for easy finish work.

Boston Kortec® Tweeter
Boston's exclusive Kortec tweeter utilizes a silk-like dome backed by a stiff material to provide smooth high-frequency reproduction and stability at high volume levels. The tweeters also pivot to allow installers to aim the tweeter toward the prime listening position making speaker placement less restrictive

Rugged Pivoting Mounting Arms
All Boston custom speakers include pivoting mounting arms (or sometimes called "doglegs") that not only make installation a snap but also they are built to withstand the force imposed by even the most powerful screw guns.


Nominal Impedance
8 ohms
Mounting Depth (from surface)
6" (152 mm)
Bass Unit
8" (200 mm) copolymer
Recommended Amplifier Power
10-100 watts
Frequency Response (±3dB)
Sensitivity (1 watt (2.83v) at 1m)
1" (25mm) Kortec
3 1/2" (90mm)
External Dimensions
12-5/8" diameter (321mm)
Mounting Hole Cutout
10-7/8" (276mm)


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