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Boston Acoustics SPG555.

    Read the Performance Auto & Sound review of the GTA-400M


  • High efficiency Class AB & Class D Hybrid amplifier design
  • Boston’s Q-Tune™ circuitry for Simple Bass Output Optimization
  • SST™ (Symmetrical Signal Topology) system uses balanced asymmetrical inputs for noise cancellation
  • Fully adjustable and selectable Lowpass/Highpass crossovers
  • Wrap-around heatsink design for ample cooling in multiple mounting positions

  • Full system solution in one package
  • Dedicated High- (speaker level) and Low- (RCA) level inputs
  • Optimal angled speaker and power blocks for easy wire connections
  • All input/output connections are located on one side of the amplifier to ease installation and wire management
  • IMS™ (Integral Mounting System) reduces the amplifier footprint
  • Recessed control panel for clean installation and concealed wire management
  • Optional GTA-RSL remote gain for controlling the subwoofer volume from the drivers seat


Number Of Channels:
5 Channels
Signal to Noise Ratio (A Weighted):
Lowpass Crossover:
12dB Adj. (50Hz to 200Hz)
Highpass Crossover:
12dB Adj. (50Hz to 200Hz)
2-3/8” (60mm)
21-1/4" (538mm)
8-3/8” (211mm)
Front and Rear Power @ 4-ohm Stereo (CEA-2006-A):
70 Watts x 4
Front and Rear Power @ 2-ohm Stereo (CEA-2006-A):
125 Watts x 4
Front and Rear Power @ 4-ohm Mono(CEA-2006-A):
250 Watts x 2
Subwoofer Channel Power @ 4-ohm Mono (CEA-2006-A):
250 Watts x 1
Subwoofer Power Power @ 2-ohm Mono (CEA-2006-A):
400 Watts x 1
Frequency Response Front & Rear Channels (-3dB):
Frequency Response Subwoofer Channel (-3dB):

Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Chaz

I'm going to give this amp a great review, because it fell in my lap at the time I needed it. Let me fill you all in. This is installed under the driver's side back seat in my "08 Tundra Dbl Cb. this amp is 2 sided if u will the L/R side of the amp is Class A/B for clean and the Sub side is a Class D for pure power. Since I was just doing a factory up grade this amp fit my needs to a t. I'm powering Polk DXi's front and back in the doors. The tweets are flush mounted on the black plastic sails at the top corner of the doors. The power is clean and abundant. I've still not turned the amp past 70% which gives me all the headroom in the world. If ur doing what I did a factory upgrade and just gonna power 4 doors and a sub then this is the amp for u. bang vs. buck ur not gonna beat it.

Reviewer: Carlos

The is amazing it just hard to find good installers that know about the amp to get a clean sound from it.

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