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Reference Standard 2-way Car Component System


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Boston Acoustics SPG555.

SPZ redefines absolute top-level mobile audio performance. Outstanding bass extension thanks to nearly 1-inch of peakto-peak excursion along with the smoothest, most accurate octave-to-octave tonal balance ever give this system bragging rights unlike any other. Factor in an innovative design that’s as stunning to look at as it is simple to install, and you’ve got sound and style that will awe even the most experienced audiophile.

  • 6½" glass fiber composite cone woofer
  • Nearly 1” (22mm) of peak-to-peak excursion for great midbass from factory locations
  • Cast aluminum woofer basket with TwinStage™ and RadialVent®
  • 1 ½” voice coil for great power handling
  • Compact neodymium magnet structure
  • 1" Type-M1 aluminum alloy dome tweeter with off-Axis AMD™
  • 360° Full Rotation Axis Mount plus flush & surface/angle tweeter mounting kit
  • VariMount™ Adapter rings allow installation in 6 ½”, 6”, and 5 x 7” locations without customization
  • 24dB system-specific crossovers with extrusion cases

AMD™ (Amplitude Modification Device)
This patented tuning device uses precisely sized hollow tubes positioned in front of the tweeter to refocus short wavelength energy and create an extremely smooth, ruler-flat response. How flat you ask? 2kHz to 30kHz ±1dB without added equalization.

TwinStage™ heat sink
Effectively pulling heat away from the voice coil, two separate aluminum heat sinks, working together as one, improve power handling and reliability. The first heat sink is located inside the voice coil; the second surrounds the woofer magnet assembly.

1-1⁄2-inch voice coil
Oversized 1-1⁄2-inch voice coil increases overall powerhandling and reliability. Neodymium magnets The compact size of the magnet allows SPZ speakers to be installed where others can’t. It offers an extraordinary powerto-weight ratio: approximately 10x more magnetic strength than a conventional iron-ferrite magnet of equal size.

System-specific crossover
Housed in an aluminum case that pulls heat away from the components for increased powerhandling; the SPZ crossover features low DF/ESR polypropylene capacitors, G-10 circuit boards, 24dB octave slopes, and unique equalization settings that deliver optimized system performance in both infinite baffle enclosures and reduced volume enclosures.


Nominal Impedance
3 ohm
Recommended Amplifier Power
150 watts RMS
Nominal Size
6-1/2" (160/165mm)
Sensitivity [1 watt (2.83v) at 1m]
Frequency Response (±3dB in car)
System Type

Customer Reviews

Reviewer: Jovanni Rabelo

Awesome speakers! Best I've ever heard! I recently installed 2 sets along with a G3 sub and a GT amp. GREAT GREAT CLARITY! Sorry to hear about the decision to drop the mobile audio lines. They will be missed.

Reviewer: frank

just bought and installed on factory system no amp same housing and everything and wow what a difference i still would love to hear these with an amp, but thats next in line, way worth the money you spend on them i couldn't be more happy with this set!!

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