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Soundbar Speaker and Wireless Subwoofer with Virtual Surround Sound. Hear everything you watch...better!


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The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 virtual surround sound speaker system envelops you in rich, room-filling audio. The speaker system delivers clear dialogue for television, cinematic surround sound for movies and gaming, and enhanced stereo for music. Perfectly sized for televisions 32 inches and larger, the plug-and-play set includes a soundbar and wireless subwoofer.

Soundbar Enhances Your TV's Audio
TVee Model 25 offers a plug-and-play solution for televisions that have less-than-spectacular sound. The system is self-powered, meaning it does not require a separate receiver or amplifier. Simply hook it up to enjoy powerful, dynamic audio from your favorite TV shows, movies, games, and music.

Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 Product Shot
Soundbar sits below your TV to fill the room with rich audio. View larger.
Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 Product Shot
Plug-and-play audio system for your TV provides virtual surround sound. View larger.
Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 Product Shot
A 6-inch wireless subwoofer produces deep, realistic bass. View larger.
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TVee Model 25
At a Glance:
  • One-wire hookup and wireless subwoofer for hassle-free installation
  • Virtual surround sound produces true-to-life audio
  • Soundbar operates with your existing TV remote control
  • Dedicated movie and music modes for the best audio experience
  • Auxiliary input lets you connect a portable media device
  • Backed by a limited one-year warranty, subject to the full warranty terms and conditions
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Hassle-Free Installation and Remote Control Operation
Installation is easy with the TVee Model 25. Connect the soundbar to your HDTV with just one cable (included), and then mount the soundbar on any wall using its two integrated keyhole wall mounts--no need for separate brackets. For further convenience, the subwoofer is wireless, so you can place it anywhere in your room.

To keep things simple, the soundbar uses your television's remote control for operation. In three easy steps, program your remote to adjust volume, power, input, and music/movie mode.

Digitally Optimized, Realistic Audio
TVee Model 25 features a digital optical input for decoding Dolby Digital audio content. When used with Boston's Digitally Optimized Virtual Surround processing, the soundbar's dual 1-1/2-inch by 6-inch drivers produce sound that's especially crisp and true to life. In addition, the 6-inch down-firing wireless subwoofer delivers deep, powerful distortion-free bass thanks to BassTrac circuitry.

Dedicated Movie and Music Modes
Choose from TVee Model 25's two listening modes to get the best audio experience. Movie mode offers enveloping surround sound that emulates a movie theater environment. Music mode produces concert-quality music playback appropriate for casual listening. Either mode can be used for any type of input or audio.

Connect a Portable Media Device
A 3.5-millimeter auxiliary input on the soundbar's rear panel makes it easy to connect a variety of portable media devices. The TVee Model 25 plays back your favorite music and videos from an iPod or other MP3 player--all with enhanced audio.

The Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 virtual surround sound speaker system is backed by a limited one-year warranty, subject to the full warranty terms and conditions.

Package Contents
Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25 soundbar, speaker grille, wireless subwoofer, detachable power cord, analog RCA cable, digital optical cable, owner's manual, and quick-start guide.


System Power
150 watts
Dual 1-1/2 x 6" Drivers
6" Woofer
Dimensions (HxWxD)
Soundbar 4-7/16" x 31-1/2 x 4-7/16" (112 x 800 x 112mm) return Subwoofer 9-1/2" x 10-1/2" x 11" (241 x 266 x 280mm)

Customer Reviews

Reviewer: dean

Unit worked well for a few days and now will come on and run for a few minutes and then cut off. Trying to find warranty and return information on this website is a nightmare. I know they won't publish this review but i thought i would vent anyway.

Reviewer: menon

REMOTE SYNC IS TERRIBLE. when you reduce the volume completely and then try to bring it back up, the rate at which the sound bar volume increases is not in sync with the TV volume. the sound bar sounds better when you manually raise the volume without using the remote control. if you intention is to replace a home theater system, this is a wrong purchase. buy this product to enhance your TV volume. make sure you have digital Audio out on your TV as analog does not get the best out of the system. at $ 199, this refurbished product is aright. i would have returned it if i did not have to pack the whole thing and ship it back. but I decided to keep it.

Reviewer: robin

Purchased the TVee Model 25 Soundbar to improve sound on my new 42 inch HDTV. The setup was easy, the sound is great, but i agree with many others that the range for using a remote is lousy. And the instructions for how to program the remote are terrible. The sound quality is so good that it is a shame the remote will not work if you are more than 4 feet away.

Reviewer: Tommy

Would not recomend to anyone unless they like to sit right close to the tv.after about 10 foot the sound bar will not even pick up the remote you stuck having to get up and down to turn the volume up or down at the sound around and don't listen to the salemen like me......

Reviewer: Dave

I was looking for a system that could be used between home and my motorhome. This system works perfectly! Great sound within the house and very simple to set up in the motorhome. Sound quality was super and not having to run cables in the motorhome for the sub-woofer was a good fit. No need for rear speakers as this system does just fine. The remote control was easy to program. The only negative was trying to remove the darn label off of the front grill. I recommend this product to others looking for a simple solution to upgrading your audio system.

Reviewer: Michael Barrett

I have been involved with home hifi and surround sound since dolby prologic came on the scene. After all of these years I have found what is for me the perfect speaker setup for our bedroom. The system is as advertised and the sound is definitely hi-fi. I found the setup for the remote control fairly straight forward and the satellite receiver remote works very well from the 15' distance it is used. There is plenty of headroom and more than enough power for our space 13' x 18'. The problem is I may never want to leave the bedroom now.

Reviewer: K. Weinke

The function of a sound bar is to enhance audio output. This unit rates tops for its cost. There is a trick in the set up of the remote control. When setting it up you must always start with the up volume transfer on each of the control functions. i.e. You must press the up volume on the sound to get an orange light then press the other function then four slow inpulses 0n the same function on the remote close to the sensoe.

Reviewer: Rob

Shifted from a Bose system costing a few hundred more and am very satidfied with the sound quality. The wireless range for the sub was great in my home (about 15 feet away), I was able to program my TiVo remote to control the unit, and set-up for all (with about 10 minutes of remote programming) took about 12 minutes. The biggest negative was the sticker on the front of the grill. Even with GooGone it took 30 minutes to get the damn thing off. Setup is easy, but getting it to look nice in your home takes twice as long.

Reviewer: Ryan

I must have gotten a faulty product because when I turn it on it shows a solid red light, then shuts off. After the light shuts off, no light comes on (it's supposed to show a green light to signal that it's on, however not in my case). I've checked the wires, the power outlets, etc. and nothing has helped. I flick the power switch on, red light shows up, disappears, then doesn't light up no matter which button I press. Now I'm giving this product the benefit of the doubt and am returning it for another, but I will not recommend this product to any of my friends or family. Hopefully I just got a faulty one and the new one works properly.

Reviewer: MD

Was looking for something with a little more volume than the TV had to offer. This works perfectly. Crystal clear sound, very natural sounding. Not muddy. No overpowering bass...just very pleasing sound. Think I'm going to purchase another for my other TV.

Reviewer: Marc

I bought this system to accompany a 50" Panasonic plasma. Sound is great. One big negative is the very limited IR range of any remote used for the soundbar. I have tried my television and my cable remote, both with the same result. Very limited range, only works when you are a few feet directly in front of the soundbar. When I called Boston Acoustics for support, I was told to just remove the speaker grill. This wasn't an acceptable solution to the problem for a variety of reasons. I hope someone from BA reads this and has some better suggestions. Thanks.

Reviewer: RAGU R

The Good: Sound quality is good. The Bad: 1.Set-up is extremely difficult, especially programming the remotes - the manual is very poorly written for this purpose. Had to call technical support to receive better procedure. After that, it worked. 2. The front grille does not fit properly. This is a design and manufacturing issue. The control buttons are inside the grill after mounting the grille - very difficult to operate the buttons..

Reviewer: Aaron

I researched and listened to many other systems in this price range and this system sounded the best. I agree with the I.R range issue, this is the only thing that could be improved. System has deep full sounding surround sound when others sound hollow and tinny. I would recommend this system to anybody Cheers !!

Reviewer: BRANDON


Reviewer: Jim

I bought & returned this unit this weekend. (It was even on sale for $249.) This unit was intended for use with a 50" Plasma in a large / wide room. The good...The sound quality was great and beat out several much more expensive models. It also auto-detects the audio feed for both Automatic Turn On & OFF. The bad.....Running it at maximum volume, the unit sounded great...BUT I was running this at MAX VOLUME. Where is the headroom??? Also, like others mentioned...using the remote straight-on to control the unit worked fine. But, go a little bit to either side and the grill blocks light getting to the sensor. They should have added some optics, like a light-pipe, to poke through the grill. Bottom line..... This unit is ideal for a small / narrow room and for someone who does not want to fuss with anything. But, for a large / wide room, pick something else.

Reviewer: mtempleton

We recently had this BA sound system set up with our new TV. We love the great sound however the grill or cover doesn't fit well and Boston has stuck a label on the grill and it WILL NOT come off easily. Had to remove the already poorly fitting grill and run water over it and the sticky stuff still didn't come off. BA needs to rethink that label on the front.

Reviewer: Dan P

I purchased several other brands of soundbar/wireless sub systems and returned all of them for various reason : poor sound quality, lack of connectivity, ect. My next and LAST purchase was the Boston Acoustics TVee Model 25. The installation was simple, and the sound is amazing!! You can adjust the sound level on the bar itself and the subwoofer as well to achive your desired results. I had no idea it was possible to have the clarity of sound in a unit like this. No wires to run through the ceiling and hide like a traditional home theater. I highly recomend skipping out on the other brands and save your time by going with the best.......BUY this unit. You will not be disapointed!!

Reviewer: Justin

I called Boston Acoustics and they advised that depending on the TVee Model you have you can fix the issue off the remote not working well from a father distance. Take the cover or grill off the soundbar. Under the MUTE button there is a sensor that has a cover. Remove the cover and this should give you up to 20 feet distance. As long as the soundbar is not in direct sunlight this is ok.I will be trying this as soon as I egt home tnight but thought I would send this out as soon as possible

Reviewer: Brian Bell

I grew up with speakers from Boston acoustics, they were great (from the #80's) util I blew them up. Couldn't get another set. I purchased this model @ Sams Club. The Sub is within 2 feet of the sound bar and it hardly ever works, even at full volume watching a movie with lots of action or even music. I would not tell anyone to buy this model. I purchased this because of the name........I was wrong to assume it would be great. I doubt I would ever buy any of your products again.....signed "no boom boom".

Reviewer: Robert Travis

Excellent sound and easy to connect to the TV.The set up for the remote is very confusing and it needs more info to set the volume control. I have had the system for 5 months and I have tried to render this problem with NO success. Volume will go up but WILL NOT LOWER.

Reviewer: Mexglx

Huge sound improvement over the factory flat screen tv speakers. Easy install, love the remote sync feature. Only issue Is that the wireless sub is affecting the wifi function of my smart tv. Will try and change channels.

Reviewer: Mexglx

Huge sound improvement over the factory flat screen tv speakers. Easy install, love the remote sync feature. Only issue Is that the wireless sub is affecting the wifi function of my smart tv. Will try and change channels.

Reviewer: Darrious Davis

I bought this system this past summer and lobe the sound quality! Sounds alot better then my samsung suround sound i had! As far as the volume control most complain about i dont have that problem but i have it hooked up to my playstation 3 , it automaticaly switches from tv to my ps3 fine. Samsung tv remote works fine with it! The only con i have about this system is that i cant have my bass set up over half if im listening to music. Only music.. the sub over heats and tempararly shuts off, kinda frustrating if you are listening to your favorite song and there is no bass suddenly. But it might just be my system, i will call support sometime soon lol.

Reviewer: Nicholas Aponte

Item Performs as advertised. Good Sound and easy setup.

Reviewer: Chris Davis

Excellent sound quality, especially considering the price. Makes a tremendous difference and makes watching movies and sports much more enjoyable.

Reviewer: Ray Callahan

Your TV25 model soundbar and sub woofer is an excellent buy with excellent quality. We have it connected to a 32" Samsung flatscreen - it is amazing to hear sounds that echo a very high-end unit that you might hear demonstrated in an audio showroom. You have made me a very satisfied listener as well as supporter of your products. I am spreading the good news.

Reviewer: Robin

Bought this product from Best Buy, brand new (not refurbished). Set it up with my Sony Bravia 42" 3D set. Sound is terrible - when it works it's fine but the audio comes and goes intermittently. Instructions to set it up to work with your TV remote are TERRIBLE but I did finally get it to work. Going to return this and see what else I can find.....

Reviewer: DeeMan

They sound great! What a vast improvement to my TV viewing time.

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