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Boston Acoustics Provides Electronic Systems Contractors with "Smart" Products and Support to Grow their Business

-- CustomIntegrators Utilize Boston Acoustics Products to Offer their Customers a Better Listening Experience and Distinctive Design --
Atlanta, GA, September 23, 2010 -- Boston Acoustics®, Inc., world-renowned manufacturer of high performance loudspeakers, is committed to offering Electronic Systems Contractor’s (ESC) superior products with “Smart” features, unique sound solutions, and sound quality that exceeds all expectations to provide creative options to their customers.
Case in Point: Connecticut ESC Plays Smart with Boston Acoustics
Boston Acoustics designs and engineers all of its loudspeakers and home entertainment solutions with installers in mind, and the result is a unique product line that allows integrators to tailor high-performance systems to meet very specific client demands.
Ira Fagan, owner of Audio Design in Fairfield CT, was preparing for a job that would include installation of more than 50 loudspeakers in a whole-home system for one of his clients in upscale Fairfield County. The customer’s home boasted rustic style natural wood ceilings, along with traditional sheet rock walls. The audio system was to be as discrete as possible, leaving the home’s unique décor intact. “We were all set to go with another company’s installable models,” says Fagan, “then I showed the customer what it might look like with Boston’s magnetic bezel ‘frameless’ in-ceiling speakers. When the customer saw the possibilities, there was no question and we went with Boston HSispeakers.The customer was very pleased, not only with the great performance of the speaker system, but how well they blended with a very distinctive décor.
The speakers are also very easy to install and provide a very unique feeling and a type of system that really couldn’t be created without them.”
New ESC Outreach Builds on Longstanding Heritage of Boston Support
Boston Acoustics recently launched an outreach initiative that builds on its 30+year heritage of offering premium audio solutions at a great value. All new initiatives are designed to complement the company’s comprehensive product lineup, which is engineered to provide “smart” custom installation solutions for a wide range of applications and installation requirements. 
Phil Cohn, Boston Acoustics Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing North America, noted: “Boston Acoustics is determined to become the “go-to” brand for everything installers need from a premium speaker vendor partner in order to run a successful business. We have always been conscious of the unique needs of custom installers and we are proud to offer a comprehensive selection of products that deliver incredible value, high reliability, and of course best-in-class sound performance. Our new outreach initiatives will speak directly to installers and offer greater informational support for the many creative solutions we offer.”
Key Outreach Initiatives Now Underway
Boston Acoustics’ outreach initiative is designed to energize custom integrators and clearly communicate the company’s “Play Smart®” philosophy. Key elements include:
  • Targeted Website Product Pages that “Play Smart” – The Boston Acoustics website is being revamped to improve the installer/integrator experience. In addition to more technical drawings and technology innovation features, the site will offer suggested applications and information on how Boston Acoustics products can help installers handle unique applications and environments. Website enhancements will include new product landing pages focusing on specific installations, including Hidden Theater, Commercial Applications, High-Humidity Environments, and Small Architectural Speakers and more.
  • Useful Product Videos – Boston Acoustics is creating a collection of informative videos that will be provided for training support as well as for posting on dealer websites. The line overview and application-specific videos will speak directly to systems integrators and installers with technical information and installation tips, with emphasis on how the “smart” features in Boston Acoustics products can be used to facilitate and simplify the installation process and help integrators more efficiently serve their customers.
  • Revised Sell Sheets – In order to more accurately communicate the benefits of the “smart’ features incorporated throughout the Boston Acoustics product line, the company is updating all product sell-sheets to focus on talking directly to custom installers and will include specific loudspeaker configurations, suggested applications, and information on how to handle unique home environments.
  • “Boston Blog” – The Boston Acoustics blog will feature new posts targeted to installers and integrators, offering solutions to common problems and insights into our products along with creating an open forum for Q&A.
Each of these initiatives is designed to help Boston Acoustics strengthen existing relationships with its valued custom integrator customers while reaching out to new clients with unique business-building opportunities. With this added support and informative technical information, the company is making it easier for dealers and integrators to provide the best sound experience possible to all their customers.
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About Boston Acoustics
Founded over 30 years ago, Boston Acoustics is a world-renowned leader in high-performance loudspeakers, tabletop products, and advanced car audio systems. The company’s “Play Smart®” approach is reflected in its product designs, allowing customers to more easily enjoy their entertainment experience while expressing their personal style and tastes. For more information on the company’s full range of advanced products, please visit
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